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The Boneal Family of Companies

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Excellence, Capability, Responsibility, and Partnership

The BONEAL Enterprise is a world-class collection of entities, departments, and services grown from an original corporation founded in 1980. The two primary companies within the enterprise are Boneal Inc. and Boneal Aerospace (BonAero), both of which are HUBZone certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA). In addition to the two primary corporations, the BONEAL Enterprise includes supplementary internal manufacturing units and departments offering a wide range of individual capabilities. (To learn more about our internal capabilities, click here.)

Today, the BONEAL Enterprise provides a proprietary subcontracting platform offering custom Technical Third-Party Logistics (T-3PL™) solutions. T-3PL™, an internally developed concept, improves Customer readiness by providing single-point access to multi-point resources. Utilizing modern technology and specialized internal capabilities, this model allows BONEAL to build and execute custom solutions that increase customer capacity without increasing overhead.

Founded in 1980, Boneal Inc. serves as the originally-founded company, built on a model of “Solutions” for government agencies and corporate prime contractors. Headquartered in Kentucky, Boneal Inc. is HUBZone certified by the SBA and holds an ISO 9001-2008 quality certification. Today, Boneal Inc. specializes in commercial manufacturing and service in the government sector.

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T-3PL™ Services

Boneal Aerospace was developed in 2011 in order to provide more specialized service to the aerospace and defense industries. Today, BonAero has operations in both Kentucky and Alabama, and serves as a major provider of aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) and additional T-3PL™ services for government agencies and commercial companies.

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Though Boneal Inc. and BonAero exist as separate business units within the BONEAL Enterprise, the partnership allows each company access to the specialties and capabilities of the other units and departments within the enterprise. This allows any BONEAL company to provide solutions with a much wider range of capabilities and value-add options than traditional corporations.

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BonAero teams-up with Boneal Inc. to solve cross-industry problems as part of the BONEAL Enterprise.

“Founded in 1980 in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, BONEAL has grown from humble beginnings into a nationally recognized business leader that serves numerous government agencies, prime contractors and private sector companies. A passionate commitment to excellence, capability, responsibility and partnership drives this organization to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and that will never change.”

Dr. Keith Gannon, President/Chief Executive Officer

Greater together.

BonAero leverages the individual strengths and collected expertise of our family of specialized internal manufacturing units, each with unique capabilities that help keep our wings in the air.

Excellence. Capability. Responsibility. Partnership.

Four core values. One clear mission.

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