Boneal’s Critical Mission


United States Air Force (C-130)

Customer Need:
Heavy duty roller assembly components for strategic military aircraft delivered on an indefinite schedule.

Project Summary:
The Defense Logistics Agency awarded BONEAL a five-year contract to manufacture these heavy duty components for the United States Air Force. BONEAL’s engineering and custom manufacturing teams joined to produce the roller assemblies to the Air Force’s exacting standards. BONEAL submitted first articles to the DLA for inspection and approval. Delivery included complying with military standards for RFID labeling and allowing for surges associated with war time demands.

The C-130 is considered the most versatile transport aircraft ever built.

Result Summary:
BONEAL saved the Air Force over 10% in equipment costs, while helping to keep this vital aircraft on its mission during a time of war. The C-130 Hercules is a primary heavy transport aircraft for the U.S. Air Force, flying both military and peace time missions in virtually any conditions and environment. BONEAL met its goal of providing robust components, being agile in delivery, and saving the customer money.