Boneal Provides Ground Support

SUCCESS STORY: USAF Ground Support Project

Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WRALC), Robins AFB, GA

Customer Need:
The USAF identified over 7500 items of ground support equipment (GSE) that represented only 2-4% of total annual spend dollars, but generated 62% of annual contract actions. Additionally, these items had sporadic demand, an unreliable supply chain, and cost <$10K per unit. The USAF proposed a Third Party Logistics (3PL) contract for the sourcing, procurement, and direct vendor delivery (DVD) of these items

Project Summary:

BONEAL needed to establish a reliable supply chain to meet USAF operational needs, as well as source, procure, and deliver items on demand at firmed-fixed pricing. Obsolescence management of legacy support equipment was also required, as was the improvement of on-time delivery and small business utilization over USAF historical trends. Establishing a secure electronic data exchange (EDE that provides program transparency and a customized customer interface was needed as well.

BONEAL has provided a reliable and cost effective supply chain solution to the USAF for the procurement of vital ground support equipment (GSE) for over ten years under the original and follow-on contract. The current period of performance contract (PoP) runs through 2021.

Result Summary:

BONEAL sourced and delivered over 3600 USAF requisitions representing approximately 7000 line items and over $30M.

BONEAL achieved greater than 88% small business utilization

BONEAL improved Government ARO by 40 days for all items (on average)

Provided continuous support to 415 USAF airbases worldwide and FMS