Lockheed Martin Taps Our Expertise

SUCCESS STORY: Lockheed Martin Taps BONEAL’s Expertise

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Customer Need:
Lockheed Martin was awarded a $300 million contract to build and deploy 74 U.S. Postal Service package processing systems beginning in 2004. Experienced subcontractors were needed to manufacture and certify components for the APPS program.

Project Summary:
Lockheed Martin tapped BONEAL’s extensive experience with Postal Service automation components. BONEAL manufactured a mix of machined, fabricated and assembled units. Quantities varied from 250 to 21,000 units. Manufacturing was traceable back through raw material stock. Shipments were timed with the program’s build schedule to meet Lockheed Martin’s specific manufacturing demands.

The United States Postal Service’s Automated Package Processing System (APPS) is capable of processing more than 9,500 packages an hour with machine printed or handwritten addresses.

Result Summary:
BONEAL business model combines a single point of contact with a vast industry network and years of technical experience developing and manufacturing high quality products. As part of Lockheed’s supply chain, BONEAL shares a deep commitment to excellence, on-time delivery and value.