What is T-3PL™?

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With BonAero’s proprietary Technical Third-Party Logistics (T-3PL™) subcontracting platform, our clients enjoy increased capacity and improved customer readiness while minimizing their costs – all at the ease and convenience of the fingertips. This fully-customizable platform ensures project success by considering a 360° view of our clients’ unique business environments. We leverage over 20 years’ industry expertise and next-generation digitization technology to build and execute custom solutions that address even the most complex scenarios.

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Lower cost, boost efficiency, and cut through red tape with BonAero’s suite of T-3PL™ capabilities:

Supply Chain Strategy & Management

Boneal Aerospace transforms your supply chain strategy through unparalleled pre-award analysis of supplier selection, lead times, margins, and your project’s critical path.


Discover the power of applying BonAero’s procurement expertise to your greatest sourcing challenges. BonAero has sourced & delivered over 189 orders of Ground Support Equipment (over 1000 pieces of equipment) to the USAF and FMS countries and can tackle your global needs also.


Ensure compliance and control with every project by leveraging BonAero’s AS 9100 D quality management standards.

Customer Portal for Supply Chain Visibility (SaaS Solution)

Incorporate customized SaaS capabilities through the Boneal Net cloud system into your T-3PLTM solution. Connect the Boneal Net cloud to your systems to maximize transparency and remove friction points from your supply chain.

Order Fulfillment & Warehousing Customization

Increase capacity without increasing overhead through BonAero’s T-3PLTM model. Maximize the value of BonAero’s solution for your needs by outsourcing your frictional business processes to achieve true control over your order fulfillment & warehousing needs.

Internal Manufacturing Operations 

Through the its ISO 9100 qualified internal manufacturing operations, the BONEAL Enterprise provides a layer of expertise into every operation of your T-3PLTM solution. This value add enables competitive flexibility with supplier management and just-in-time accommodations for your project.

See further. Do more.

Understand a project in its entirety with personalized report metrics that deliver a snapshot of performance in real time.

Bridging the gap between customers
and multi-point suppliers.

Whether it be our own in-house manufacturers or by leveraging our strong external network, we pride ourselves on connecting customers with their suppliers through a seamless platform process. From procurement and shipping to engineering design and manufacturing, it is the journey of each product that defines its quality, and at BonAero we want to give you the best. Ensuring that the customer receives exactly what they should – on time, every time – that’s the power of BonAero.

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